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MP3 Splitter for Mac

Mp3 Splitter for Mac is designed to split Mp3 files into several video clips for Mac users. Your favorite audio file can be split into unlimited number of clips easily on Mac OS.
Mp3 Splitting program for Mac has got good reputation from customers worldwide by its professional splitting function.

Mp3 is an audio compression technology. Mp3’ full name is MPEG Audio Layer3.Mp3 is very familiar to us and becomes code word of network music.

Interface of MP3 Splitter for Mac

Practical features of Mac Mp3 Splitter software
Easy-to-operate interface
As a very versatile Mp3 Splitting program on Mac OS, its user-friendly interface is very popular among many users.
Play Mp3 file before splitting
Before the mp3 file is splitted, the video can be played with built-in player.
Capture Mp3 clips with Mac Mp3 Splitter
By setting start time and end time, you can split the files into video clips as many as you like.
Supports previewing Mp3 captured clip
Before splitting, the captured clip can be previewed by using our Mac mp3 splitter. If this clip is not wanted, you can reset Mp3 clip that you like better.
Adjustable output video parameters on Mac
Multiple options (bitrates, sample rate and channels) make it possible to get ideal audio effect with mov splitter.
Quality of output Mp3 clips
The quality of the clips keeps the original quality of Mp3 file.
System Requirement
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Version 10.6)