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OGG Splitter for Mac

OGG Splitter for Mac can be used to split OGG file into unlimited number of video clips.

This powerful Mac OGG Splitting software has a easy-to-use interface, which make it possible for anyone to use our OGG Splitter without guide.

Screenshot of OGG Splitter for Mac
Practical features of OGG Splitting program for Mac
Import OGG file
This powerful splitting tool on Mac OS is especially designed for OGG users and OGG file can be imported with just one click.
The method of cutting out OGG clip
The OGG file can be split into unlimited number clips by setting start time and end time.
Play captured clip
You can click to play captured clip so as to capture the wonderful moment you like to get.
Reset clip with Mac OGG Splitting software
If captured clip does not meet your demand, resetting start time and end time to get ideal clip is supported by the Mac splitter.
The adjustable parameters
Adjust parameters with Mac ogg splitter such as bitrates, sample rate and channels so that you can get ideal audio quality.
System Requirements
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Version 10.6).