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VCD Splitter for Mac

VCD Splitter for Mac can help you to split VCD file into unlimited number of VCD clips on Mac OS. The whole splitting process can be finished with a few minutes.

Besides, wonderful quality of output files from the Mac VCD Splitter will bring you fantastic experience of the VCD clip.

Screenshot of VCD Splitter for Mac

Let me show you how to split VCD video on Mac with powerful Mac VCD Splitter.
Step 1: Free download VCD Mac Splitting software
Free download this software and install it, you will see the intuitive interface.
Step 2: Import VCD file
Import VCD file to this Mac splitter software. Before you split VCD file, you can preview it with the built-in video player.
Step 3: Capture clip of VCD file
Mark the start point and end point of your favorite video clips. If you are not satisfied the VCD captured clip, resetting VCD clip is supported by setting start & end point.
Step 4:The setting of profile parameters with Mac VCD Splitting product
Multiple options (video size, frame rate and sample rate and customized frame size) make it possible to get ideal video and audio effect. 

Step 5: Customize output folder and begin to split. It will take you a few minutes to see your ideal clip on your Mac.
System Requirements
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6).