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WMV Splitter for Mac

WMV Splitter for Mac is a fabulous video splitter software especially developed for Mac users. It provides a better solution to split WMV file into a lot of segments.
Besides high video splitting speed, the output files from WMV Mac Splitter has no quality lost. Since marketed, our WMV Splitter for Mac has been the first choice for most Mac users who need to split WMV file.


Interface of WMV Splitter for Mac

Key functions of Mac WMV Splitter
1.Mac WMV Splitter supports playing WMV file before split.
2.The WMV file can be spilt by setting start and end time on the Mac wmv splitter, which is accurate to second.
3.Multiple options (frame rate and sample rate, bitrates and frame size) allow you to get ideal video and audio quality with our Mac wmv splitter.
4.WMV Splitter software for Mac has high splitting speed, even super large video files can be split in a flash.
5.The quality of output clips is same as the original quality.
System Requirements
Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6).